CBN | THCA Infused PreRoll - KMAC
Infused Pre Roll | NUG

CBN | THCA Infused PreRoll - KMAC


There are times when you want to take a little puff, and there are times when you want to get undeniably and immovably stoned. When it’s time to take it there, Nug’s ‘Silk Pajamas’ Pre-Roll is designed to get you where you’re going. Clear your schedule.

Featuring a vivid array of deep purples and crisp greens, KMAC’s beautiful buds are covered with bright amber hairs and are wrapped in a shiny suit of glistening trichomes. Sweet cookie and mint flavor notes are paired with hints of earthy jet fuel to create a combination unlike anything else. With its stellar pedigree, KMAC’s high does not disappoint, combining a permeating body relaxation with a rush of intense euphoria.

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